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As our newly-enrolled HDS class begins making preparations for their relocation to Cambridge, they might be debating the merits of the various neighborhoods around HDS’s campus, which is situated near the Cambridge/Somerville border. Over the next week, various current students will weigh in regarding why their neighborhood is the best of the bunch. We hope this will give our new students a better sense of what each Cambridge/Somerville neighborhood has to offer as they find a new place to live!

If you are reading this, congratulations, because you are now one step closer to living in the best neighborhood in Greater Boston.

The best neighborhood in Greater Boston? Surely this is an exaggeration, you’re thinking. But no, dear reader: Davis Square is empirically the best, and I am about to tell you why.

Of the main neighborhoods around Harvard’s campus, Davis is one of the farthest, at about 1.5 miles from HDS. It’s a 25-30 minute walk, a 10 minute bike ride, or a 15 minute train ride to Divinity Hall. However, the payoff of living a bit farther from campus is that Davis Square is home to some of the best places to eat, drink, study, and explore. With a vibrant collection of local businesses surrounded by cozy residential streets, Davis Square is its own microcosm. Although any highlight reel would be insufficient, I’ll do my best to list some of Davis’s finest:

Museum of Bad Art entrance. Photo by Caroline Matas

Museum of Bad Art entrance. Photo by Caroline Matas

Entertainment: The Somerville Theater: Cheap tickets, an in-theater bar, and free admission to their basement Museum of Bad Art. Another highlight is Davis’s yearly PorchFest, a “decentralized music festival” where bands register to serenade their neighbors from their porches.

Eat: Do you like pasta? Mexican food? Falafel? It doesn’t matter. Come to Davis Square and eat your heart out.

Drink: It would be shorter to list the Cambridge/Somerville bars worth going to that aren’t in Davis. When people go out on the weekends, they flock to Davis. If you live in Davis, all your friends will always want to come out to see you, and you’ll never have to bother with the train.

Diesel Cafe, dressed up for Halloween. Photo by Caroline Matas

Diesel Cafe, dressed up for Halloween. Photo by Caroline Matas

Study: If I had the time and space, Diesel Cafe would get its own love song. Do you like pastries, coffee, tea, sandwiches, good music, friendly baristas, art installations, LGBTQ-friendly spaces, and/or happiness? If so, you will love Diesel. Come here with a friend if you want to have a great coffee date, come here alone if you want to get some actual studying done. Either way, hurry to Diesel. Go right now; I’ll wait.

Somerville Community Path crossing at sunset. Photo by Caroline Matas

Somerville Community Path crossing at sunset. Photo by Caroline Matas

Explore: Great news for anyone who likes to run, bike, wheel, walk, amble, or pogo stick: the Somerville Community Path runs right through Davis, connecting residential streets to downtown and continuing onto the 20-mile Minuteman Trail.

The truth is, every neighborhood around HDS has its own perks and hidden gems. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a place to land in Davis, you’re joining a vibrant and exciting community that manages to edge out the rest.

(Disagree? Want to hear a different side of the story? Check back next week for MTS candidate Sarah Guzy’s Ode to Union Square!)